Tsawout First Nation

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Site Credits

Nick Claxton

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Nick Claxton, PhD Candidate
Credits for Writer of sections of the website:  Beliefs of STAUTW (Tsawout, the Douglas Treaty sectiion, and Saanichton Bay)

Nick's indigenous name is Xumthoult and he was born and raised in Saanich Territory. He is a member of  Tsawout, one of the Saanich First Nation bands on Southern Vancouver Island. Nick is an instructor on First Nations Studies at Malaspina University-College and is currently working on his PhD in Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria. His research interests are in revitalizing the traditional fishing knowledge and traditions of reef net fishing in his community, and he draws knowledge from local elders Dr. Earl Claxton, and others including his father Lou Claxton who participated first hand the Saanich Reef Net technology.


Heather Tufts

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Heather Tufts
(Community Gallery Photographs)

Heather Tufts is a retired teacher who lives at Tsawout. Her experience as an educator was both local and international which led to her interest in photography and journalism. Currently her pursuits include dance, African drumming, gardening, research, writing, photography and community activism and she serves as a volunteer at Tsawout for many community events. In 2009 Heather worked as the Aboriginal Liaison Officer for Elections BC and visited many aboriginal communities to provide voting and employment opportunities. Heather also loves to spend time with her grandson Max.


Glen Bartley

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Glenn Bartley, MSc
(Photo Credits of birds,nature on website)

Glenn worked with the Tsawout First Nation to develop the book, TIXEN. Glenn was instrumental in bringing together the Canadian Wildlife Service, CRD and a local First Nations community towards a conservation and restoration plan for one of Vancouver Islands rarest and most fragile ecosystems. He is especially interested in the protection and enhancement of migratory bird habitat and in making connections between a variety of diverse stakeholders. www.glennbartley.com